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Let's give back

I'm a true lover of the environment and strive to create products that don't take away from the earth.


To make a sustainable and positive impact on the environment, I will contribute to planting 10 trees for each nkdscent product you purchase. Eden Projects has been selected as my tree planting partner as they ensure trees are planted in areas affected by severe deforestation, which is helping ecosystems to thrive and also helps local communities. 


Local communities will plant the trees which in turn provides valuable income for the community, to ensure a better outcome for all. Check out some of the epic projects around the world in NepalMadagascarHaitiIndonesiaMozambiqueKenyaCentral America, and Brazil.


By investing in Eden Projects our carbon footprint is offset and damn it feels good!

Why trees?

Loss of trees means loss of biodiversity and loss of carbon capture. Deforestation is a human induced problem. It's caused by large-scale slash and burn practises and unsustainable agriculture. The areas most impacted by deforestation are those experiencing significant poverty and in underdeveloped areas. Some poverty-stricken families feel pressure to destroy their forests to survive. It's a short-term fix however, as the trees cut down don't get restored. Deforestation has devastating consequences such as severe flooding, erosion, and desertification.


So, let's fix this mess. Amazingly, research reveals that planting trees is one of the most effective and cheapest ways to remove carbon from our atmosphere. The trees absorb carbon dioxide from the fossil fuels we emit, and help to cool the earth. 


My partnership with Eden Projects ensures we're doing something to mitigate harm to our earth. It's a win win for all!